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  • 12,000 deals/year, 2,000,000 active users: meet Flippa, the world’s most active M&A marketplace

12,000 deals/year, 2,000,000 active users: meet Flippa, the world’s most active M&A marketplace

Inside: a freebie worth $599

At RollUpEurope, we’re big fans of Flippa. Founded in 2009 in Australia, Flippa has grown into the world’s dominant M&A marketplace, as measured by deal value and volume. Flippa has over 1.9 million active users. It attracts around 20,000 new buyers each month, and sees close to 5 million search queries from the collective buyer universe every year. 

We sat down with Dominic Sullivan, a Senior M&A Advisor, to find out more about the platform – and his predictions for 2024. 

Read all the way to the end to uncover Flippa’s high value giveaway to the Rollupeurope community! Also check out our podcast, on which Dominic gives advice on how to charm sellers:

Dominic, tell us about yourself!

I have spent 6 years in M&A: 5 years in Financial Due Diligence at a Big 4 Accounting firm, and then over a year in an in-house M&A Corporate Development team at a European scale up. In that time, I have worked on deals between $500K and $5B. Acquiring both private and public companies across the world. 

As an app owner myself (which failed), I have always had a respect and passion for entrepreneurs / innovative people. When hearing about the opportunity at Flippa, it seemed like the perfect place to combine my passion for deals and knowledge / experience of M&A with an entrepreneurial theme. I get so much energy from working with founders and helping them achieve the best exit possible!

What does Flippa do exactly? 

Flippa’s 4 main business categories include sites, stores, SaaS and mobile applications. In the last 12 months, the Flippa marketplace has closed 12,000+ deals. We also have a large amount of ‘off-market’ businesses for sale which are not on the marketplace. Quite simply, we have more acquisition fit buyers than anywhere else globally – from first time acquisition entrepreneurs to some of the biggest brand name investors and companies on the planet.

2023 was not exactly a breakout year for M&A…

For us, it was the opposite. Last year, we:

  • Facilitated 238 startup exits, up 50% year-over-year

  • Onboarded 276,165 new buyers onto the platform

  • Performed 28,369 valuations – that’s 78 per day

  • Enabled 12,312 exits across 193 countries

  • AI matched 408,214 buyers to businesses for sale this week

How can Flippa help software serial acquirers?

We actively work with serial acquirers, both on sell-side and buy-side. In fact, our largest deal last year was a $35M sale of an app portfolio roll-up. The average time to close is 90 days.

We’re seeing explosive growth in listing assets like SaaS that are up 208% year-on-year. The size of deals are also increasing and a large portion of deal flow in the $1m-$20m range.

What is your outlook for 2024? 

We predict a larger number of exit enquiries compared to 2023. The SMB acquisition ecosystem is thriving. The Financial Times announced recently the shift that investors in Europe are making to shake up the VC market by raising money to buy out start-ups. This is not news to Flippa, but is an incredible indicator that the ecosystem of entrepreneurs with businesses valued <$30m will see more consolidation and acquisitions than ever before.

The problem is 99% of founders don’t know what a pathway to exit looks like for a small to medium online business. And that’s exactly what we do!

The best part: the Flippa giveaway!

If you’re not on Flippa, sign up now! And here’s a free giveaway for you. Flippa is offering RollUpEurope members a free 6 month subscription to Flippa Premium – worth at a staggering $599. Sign up link. Flippa Premium gives early access to exclusive listings, in-depth data insights, and a suite of services designed to empower your buying decisions.

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