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I Love You, Honey! What Did a German Count and a Swiss Coffee Heir Get Up To?

Everything you've always wanted to know about Lux HoldCos - but were afraid to ask


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RollUpEurope team

Retail is a scale game that lends itself to M&A. Never mind the recent, disastrous spell of Amazon brand consolidation. The real action has been happening out of the limelight, involving niche industries, and bankrolled by highly sophisticated, long-term investors. 

Think TeamShares for corner shops. 

Or sexual wellness: a market worth a reported $23B - and growing 5% p.a. 

Today, we are bringing you the incredible story of Lovehoney Group - the self-styled “world’s leading sexual-wellbeing company”. 

Source: Lovehoney Group

If, for you, the phrase “sex toy retail” conjures the image of a dodgy bloke dealing out of a back alley, you could not be further from the truth. Lovehoney’s majority shareholder is Telemos - an investment vehicle controlled by Philippe Jacobs. Philippe is an offspring of the Jacobs family, the coffee-and-chocolate dynasty based in Switzerland. Lovehoney’s CEO is Johannes Plettenberg. Or, to be precise, Graf Von Plettenberg

Lovehoney Group is a combo of two rollups. Outside-in, it has a fiendishly complex corporate structure with companies in Luxembourg, Jersey, England and Germany. Don’t worry: we have broken it down for you!

Let’s dig in. In this article, we will cover:

  • Lovehoney’s story: from 0 to $1B+ valuation

  • How Lovehoney has structured acquisitions - and itself

  • Why “sexual wellness” is a cure for business blues

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