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How Germany’s premier software HoldCo was born from the GDR’s ashes

Their seller letters are great - we analyzed one for you

Imagine hearing about a software HoldCo that acquires 4-5 VMS businesses per year, across German-speaking Europe, with revenues ranging €2-5M.

Who do you think it is?

Names like Volaris, TSS, Banyan Software, Everfield and Chapters Group spring to mind. These are all established, highly visible players. 

And yet there is one firm that few people have come across, especially outside of Germany: Forum Family Office (FFO).

Based in Munich, FFO has managed to stay under the radar even as its software portfolio has ballooned to nearly 20 companies - up from zero 6 years ago. Today’s, the portfolio boasts a headcount of 1,000+ and estimated revenues of (at least) €100M. 

And that’s just one part of the Wittek family empire! 

For this article, we researched topics such as:

  • What is the origin of the Wittek family’s wealth? 

  • What is FFO’s investment thesis?

  • What sort of software businesses does FFO acquire? 

  • How does FFO pitch to owners? What can you learn from studying their correspondence with sellers?

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